WOW! Spooky Sampler Quilt Last Week with Pumpkins, Ghost and Flags OH MY

It is the Final Week of Blocks for the Spooky Sampler Quilt Sew Along and we are with the Large Pumpkins, Ghosts and Flags.

Pat Sloan is doing a YouTube quilt along and Melissa Mortenson at  The pattern is by Melissa Mortensen and features Traditional Piecing & Raw Edge Applique with fun and traditional Halloween features.  The pattern comes is a super cute box with all the fabrics by Riley Black called Spooky Hollow!

I bought the boxed pattern with the materials from Fat Quarter Shop, they are out of the box pattern, but the paper pattern is still available. The fabrics that are used in this quilt are by Riley Blake’s Spooky Hollow Line.

These final blocks are pretty easy to put together. It combines some of the techniques we did in past blocks for this quilt, like Flying Geese and Snowball technique.

The pattern is very easy to read, she breaks down how all the fabrics are to be cut and how they are to be pieced. The instructions for both of these blocks are very easy to read and the templates are provided.

I made a video of putting together these final blocks and you can watch it here:

Pumpkin Blocks

These took longer to cut the fabric than it did to sew these blocks together. Snowball the corners and piece the stem and you have a pumpkin block!

Finished Pumpkin blocks

Ghost Blocks

The next block we conquer is the ghost block. This combines the Snowball technique with the flying geese to create these cute ghosts.

Finished Ghost blocks

These were the most labor intensive blocks. There was a lot of cutting and then configuring how to put all the pieces together. It is broken down with the top of the ghost and snowball the corners to round the head. Then the eyes are pieces as a small row, and finally the flying geese are assembled to make the bottom of the ghost sheet.

Once these things are finished it is just assembling all the pieces that are left.

Pieces for the Ghost block
Ghost block prior to assembly

Flag Blocks

The Flag Blocks seemed so daunting at first because there are 16 of them! Luckily I had 16 different fabrics in the box of fabrics that were sent to me, so I felt like I was making 16 Different flags. Otherwise, it might have been boring putting 16 flags together.

Flag Pieces laid out

The flags consist of flying geese at the bottom and then it is attached to a rectangle and background pieces are added. Super simple and they went together much faster than I thought they would.

Finished flags!

Next up we will be assembling all the sections and putting the quilt top together!

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