Free Quilt Pattern For Cat Bedding! Keep The Cat Hair Off Your Furniture

Anyone who has cats knows that they can leave cat hair all over the furniture. They also know that most cats have their spots that they like to lay on to sleep or look out the window. This little quilt is made to put in those spots to help protect furniture from all the cat hair that can be left around from your cat. We love our fur babies and we want them to be comfortable, yet we don’t want towels or old blankets laying around the house all the time.

Cat using Cat’n Around blanket

This little pattern is complicated enough to show off your talent, but simple enough to put together in a few hours. The hardest part may be picking out your fabric! I chose 4 fat quarter batiks.

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Time to Make the Quilt!

Below is a picture of the Cat’n Around Finished Quilt. I have used Fat Quarter Batiks that I had in my stash. I order a stack of Batiks every month to add to my stash for little projects like this. The top to this little Cat’n Around bedding is made from 4 fat quarters.

Once the pattern is download, get all your shapes cut out according to the pattern and get them assembled by size on your workspace. Now that you have all your pieces assembled by size we will lay out our first block according to the block pattern. Once you have your pieces laid out the way you want them I would suggest taking a picture so that you can refer back in case!

Step 1

Step 1 is putting your block together! I started with the four squares in the middle, take two squares and pin where the seam will be sewn. 1/4″ seam allowance will be used on all pieces of this quilt. I use Aurifil 50wt neutral colors for my piecing. It creates a light and less bulky seam allowance. Press the seams toward the “green” fabric and then put the two rows you just made together and nest the seams. Sew the seam to complete the center block.

Step 2a

The next steps will be repeated with each size triangle to make a progressively bigger square block. I would suggest starting with the different color blocks (orange and purple in this example). These triangles will be sewn to the square center block in the order of the pattern layout. Press your seams towards the triangle. Below is an example where I used the green, but I found that I should have started with the colors and from this point forward I did it that way. If you start with the colors you are less likely to get off track and lose the pattern of the colors.

Step 2b

The green triangles will now be added once the first two triangles have been press outward. Once these are sewn on the first square with the small triangles is complete!

Step 3

Repeat steps 2a and 2b with each of the different sized triangles taking care that you keep the right color pieces in the right place. During these steps, finger press the triangle to find the center and line it up with the point of the square from the previous piece. This will keep your block square as you make it bigger.

Another tip while putting this block together is not to trim your tails from sewing the triangles together. You will need that extra material to line up and sew the second set of triangles on. Below is a picture of the finished block.

Step 4

Once you have all four blocks done, now lay your quilt top out and marvel and the wonder of your work! Lay the blocks out according to the pattern to accentuate the curves in the monkey wrenches.

The last part is to pick your backing and sandwich the back and quilt top with your quilt batting. I used a Basting spray to keep my fabrics and batting from slipping. Since this is cat bedding I would put too much time into quilting the top. You can practice a free motion pattern you have wanted to do also. This will eventually be covered in hairs, so choose your time wisely! A big meander quilting is what I chose because it’s simple and fast.

I had some Sulky 40 wt. Rayon thread that had the same colors as my quilt and used that in my top for the quilting.

Two pieces of purple backing scraps that I had did the job for the backing. There were enough leftover scraps from the top to make a scrappy binding.

Just remember these little cat beddings are a great way to protect your furniture from cat hair (and hairballs) and looks great while doing it! Add a little cat nip and your cat will love it.

Let me know if you make this quilt and leave pictures on our facebook page. If you have any questions regarding this pattern, please leave comments below!

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Following are some of the items I used to make this quilt.

Olfa Rotary Cutter

Omnigrid Ruler

Cordless Iron

Multipurpose Sewing Clips

Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Pens

Fiskers Folding Ruler

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