Lilac Messenger Bag Tutorial Video

Life is to short for a boring bag!Hello, I have uploaded to YouTube my very first tutorial video. I chose to do a tutorial of the Kelsi II pattern that I have made hundreds of times. I have a lot to learn about making videos, but this is a new and exciting journey I am looking forward to improving at.During this video I go through the steps of putting this bag together. I don’t show the cutting of the materials or fusing the interfacing. In the future I may put out a video about this process, but this video is just about sewing and assembly of this bag.Below is a link to the video, I hope you enjoy it and find it interesting or useful. If you have purchased a Kelsi II from me in the past, leave me a comment in the video of which bag you bought! I love to hear from my customers. I

f you are interested in the materials I used in this video I have a compiled a list on Amazon.

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